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Wooden Barn Doors for sale styles and designs for sale Pretoria wide

Wooden Barn doors for sale Pretoria wide in different wooden barn door styles and designs is one of the older door styles there is with older barn door kits. Sliding barn doors are with us already from the first century! Wooden barn doors for sale Pretoria and Gauteng wide are used for a variety of uses, mainly to close off a room while adding architectural charm depending on the wooden barn door style. Use old and existing doors for barn doors for older houses when renovating you can use the older doors and put them on rail and track or barn door kits to make up barn doors to close of some space or even just put them on an opposite end of an existing door without using it can also be a great design feature to your room with many barn door styles to choose from! 

Types or Wooden Barn doors for sale and Barn door Styles

There are many barn door styles you can use. The most common wooden barn doors for sale 0is found below:

Barn doors for sale styles and designs pretoria wide

What we need to give you a wooden barn doors quote:

We need the height and width of the opening you want to close off, in other words we need the size to determine the wooden barn door style and size you would need.

  • Send us a picture or two (you can whatsapp us) of the opening as well as the measurements of the door opening and the wooden barn doors for sale you want. If you are unsure of how to calculate the barn doors for sale you will need then send us the opening sizes and we will calculate the door size for you by adding the track spaces etc.
  • Tell us what we must quote you on, it is pine, melawood or any other preference you have.
  • Do you need the wooden barn doors for sale if pine to be stained? Let us know of the colour finish you would like. We have a complete range of oil based stains available!
  • We also need the wooden barn door style you would want to go with. The most popular is the double Z 2 panel barn door style!

Of course all depends on the space you want to close off as some wooden barn doors that is smaller in width will not be able to have some of the above styles available.

Although we make our wooden barn doors for sale Pretoria wide mostly out of industrial Pine, wooden barn doors can also be made of any other solid wood and of course with the current market of composite woods we also make barn doors in a range of different colors with melawoods and veneer boards! 

We did these modern barn doors at a project outside Badplaas, to give you an idea of the different options for sliding door systems with many colours to choose from:

 Melamine barn doors for sale pretoria

Modern Barn doors now for sale in more than 50 different color finishes! From high gloss to super matt to rustic textures! PVC barn doors for sale Gauteng and country wide!

 Wooden barn doors for sale pretoria wide

Barn door styles and designs gauteng wide

We also supply wooden barn door handles and hardware as well as wooden barn door kits for use with your barn door projects:

Barn door handles and barn door kits nationwide


Contact us today on 0714374970 or use our contact us page to send us an email with your specifications and preferred style!


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