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Carpentry and Built in cupboards Pretoria Wide

If you were born before the digital age, you probably remember the old free standing cabinets, steel kitchen units and most certain that old heavy wardrobes that you did not leave behind when you moved! Built in Cupboards, although an old concept, was and is dominating the property market today. Can you imagine the sight when looking at a house without build in units and cabinets? It just not the same! From Home improvement to make over renovations we have the Carpenter solution for you!

Build in units have become the norm, from the kitchen to the bedroom to the bathroom, cabinets is a must for every home to organize your stuff and live without everything lying around in your space! 

We can help you with your built in cupboard and kitchen design. There are today mainly 3 areas for the average household in which you will implement and utilize build in units. 

The Kitchen

The Bedroom (Wardrobes)

The Bathroom (Vanities)

If you have that spacious house, you probably will also look at the Study with book shelves. A book shelf in a great finishing will brighten up your study and gives you full wall space for that special feel and touch and of course to accommodate all your books and magazines! 


Plan your Outlay

Get out the old fashion pen and paper! That's where it start! Take a measuring tape and start out with where would be the best place for your buildin cupboard. Get someone to keep one end of the tape while you record the measurements. Standard depth of the units differ by 10-20mm between who manufacture the cabinets. Most kitchen built in units are between 550mm to 580mm in depth. Bedroom units is normally a bit deeper and can go up to 600mm in depth. C Lite adopts the space available and always try to use the maximum space possible!

After measuring out your space, draw a simple outlay. If you have the measurements, we can take it from there. Now think what you need. Hang space, shelving, drawers, and include that in your plan. Draw a simple layout and work on the details. If you are planning a kitchen, do not get sidetrack. Some things just work out themselves! Some spaces just reserves themselves in your outlay. The water pipes and plumbing determines the basin, etc. Unless you want to redo the lot and call in an electrician or plumber, try to work around that so that you can get your space maximized. Buildin cabinets nowadays can be easily arranged, call us to help you design your dream kitchen, layout advise for your bedroom units or see examples for wood finishing here or check out our Melamine Wood Finish Checker App and get real up to date finishes.

Low on budget but need functional built in units? Then call us and ask for our econo bic range!

For all your builtin cup board manufactures, we install and are suppliers mainly in the Pretoria area and surroundings or contact us if you are not sure!


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Sonae product range for kitchen, bedroom cupboards

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